Clean gutters are essential for your yard’s drainage system.

Fortunately, one of the most important steps to protect the safety and stability of your home is also one of the easiest: Keeping a regular eye on the condition of its gutters.

Water will always seek the path of least resistance. When it rains or snow melts from your roof, free-flowing gutters and downspouts channel moisture away from your home’s exterior, foundation, and basement. If these channels are blocked by leaves or other debris, water will overflow and find ways to gradually damage and decay the nearest surfaces — important areas like siding, trim and foundation walls — as well as attract insects and other pests.

Rain One’s professional gutter cleaning team has been serving the Columbus, Ohio area since 1991 with expertise and maintenance based on your home’s style, construction, trees, and landscaping.

Signs that it’s time for a professional gutter cleaning:

  • Visibly overflowing gutters during rainstorms
  • Water stains on exterior walls below the gutters
  • Leaks or water damage in the basement or crawlspace during rains
  • Gutters pulling away from the roof or fascia boards
  • Gutters sagging or bent under the weight of debris
  • Plants, moss, or insects/pests growing in the gutters
  • Foul odors coming from clogged, standing water in gutters

Why are clean gutters important?

Preventing Yard Drainage and Basement Problems

Your lawn, garden, and home should be spaces you’re able to enjoy free of mud, puddles, dead plants, or pests. Clear, open gutters and downspouts will ensure that your green spaces or basement aren’t troubled with mold, mosquitoes, ants, or other signs of excess moisture.

Avoiding Structural Damages and Costly Repairs

Water from clogged, overflowing gutters can cause gradual damage to the entire framework of materials that make up your home — from the roof, fascia boards, and soffits down to the basement walls, crawl spaces, and foundation. Regular gutter cleaning protects against these expensive repairs.

Do-It-Yourself Isn’t Always Safe or Practical

While it can be tempting for Columbus homeowners to navigate the roof or ladder themselves, the professionals at Rain One have the expertise and equipment to clean your drainage system safely, quickly, and effectively. We worry about gutter cleaning so you don’t have to, with affordable services and plans that make it convenient to maintain your home.

Why Choose Rain One for your Gutter Cleaning Service

Your home is likely your largest investment — and our team goes above and beyond to help you protect it. In addition to providing experience, quality service and modern equipment to our Columbus customers, everything we do is backed by Rain One’s All Smiles Guarantee: We’re not all smiles until you’re all smiles.

Plus, our yearly service memberships offer special discounts and advance scheduling to take the hassle out of maintaining your home and property.  Rain One is your go-to gutter cleaning and maintenance company in Columbus.  Contact us today for a free estimate.

  • Quality Cleaning with SkyVac

Rain One services your home safely, quickly, and effectively with a unique gutter cleaning system called SkyVac, which includes a powerful vacuum on a telescoping carbon fiber pole that reaches up to four stories high. The system includes a camera, allowing our technicians to operate it safely from the ground without leaning ladders against your roof, gutters, or exterior.

  • Multi-Point Inspection of Your Entire Drainage System

Your package of gutter cleaning services with Rain One also includes a thorough inspection of your home’s gutter system to check for problems and provide preventive maintenance:

  • Unclogging gutters
  • Checking for clear downspout drainage with a pressurized hose
  • Inspecting connections between downspouts and drainage system
  • Optional add-on service for inspecting sump pump

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your gutter cleaning service cost?

Our team works with you to build a custom estimate based on the size and square footage of your Columbus home. Taking advantage of Rain One’s yearly Service Memberships can help make regular gutter cleaning services even more affordable and convenient:  Learn More

How does your gutter cleaning equipment work?

We use a specialized SkyVac system with a powerful vacuum on a telescoping carbon fiber pole that can reach up to 40 feet high. This allows us to clean gutters thoroughly from the ground without using ladders and includes a camera so we can inspect the gutters.

What is included in your gutter inspection checklist?

During our complete inspection of your home’s system, we clean and unclog all gutters, check downspout drainage flow, inspect connections between downspouts and drainage systems, and perform other checks for preventive maintenance.

Additional Drainage Services

  • Camera Work

Our drainage camera offers a precise and non-invasive method to inspect and diagnose your property’s drainage system. Utilizing advanced camera technology, we quickly identify blockages, damage, or wear in pipes without the need for extensive digging.

  • Jetting

Rain One’s jetting services provide a powerful and effective solution for cleaning and maintaining your drainage systems. Using high-pressure water jets, we efficiently clear blockages, debris, and buildup in pipes & drains, restoring optimal flow solving many immediate drainage issues and preventing many future problems.

  • Sump Pump Work

We provide sump pump service and replacement, ensuring this vital system functions correctly to protect your property from water damage. Our focus on reliable sump pump performance is key to safeguarding your home against flooding and water-related complications.

  • Drainage Installation

Rain One provides comprehensive drainage solutions, including customized system installations and expert services. Our installations address water issues through advanced techniques and durable materials like French drains, channel drains, and catch basins. 

We recommend yearly gutter cleaning packages