Keep your property looking its best.

There’s nothing like looking out on a lush, green landscape under a blue sky surrounding your home — and a well-maintained, working water sprinkler system is the best way to ensure your lawn or garden stays that way. At Rain One, we understand Central Ohio soil and landscaping, and have serviced thousands of top-quality sprinkler systems across Columbus since 1991.

A key reason homeowners rely on Rain One is versatility. Our experienced lawn sprinkler company can repair any system or model — even if we didn’t install it originally. We work on brands like Rain Bird, Hunter, Rachio, Toro and likely yours as well.

A healthy lawn is an investment, and our expert technicians help you enjoy its rewards with a newly installed sprinkler system, or repair and maintenance of what you have now. Everything we do is protected by Rain One’s All Smiles Guarantee — We’re not all smiles until you’re all smiles.

Warning signs that your water sprinkler system needs repair:

  • Leaking sprinkler pipes or heads
  • Wet spots or standing water
  • High water bills
  • Dead plant material
  • Areas of brown or dried grass
  • Non-functioning zones

Common Sprinkler Repairs in Columbus

When problems come up, our team is ready to respond. We monitor services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take your call, and our trained technicians are 100% focused on providing you with a hassle-free, lasting solution that matches your budget. Rain One trucks are stocked with the latest tools and technology to ensure that any repair we make is smart, efficient, and sustainable to support the health of your lawn and save you money.

  • Leak Repairs

Rain One is equipped to remedy all types of sprinkler system and irrigation leaks. Our technicians are equipped with our best practices, tools, and latest technology to find leaks and effectively repair them.

  • Broken Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler system heads can fail due to worn seals, broken fittings, crushed heads or other problems. The average system head lasts seven years, and Rain One works to proactively notify you of replacement options and respond to any sudden issues.

  • Electrical Issues

Electrical issues are a common and frustrating aspect of sprinkler system repair. Our technicians are trained in using voltmeters, amp clamps, buried wire locators and ground fault locators to quickly identify issues on both multi-strand and two-wire sprinkler systems.  

  • Valve Issues

Sprinkler system valves can experience faulty electrical solenoids, diaphragm issues, fitting leaks, and decoder failures. Our service vehicles are equipped to repair a wide variety of valves and Rain One’s trained technicians can troubleshoot any system. 

Why It’s Important to Maintain Your Water Sprinkler System

A thriving, beautiful Columbus lawn is the result of a homeowner’s close care, attention and consistency throughout their life with a property — and a working, well-maintained sprinkler system is critical to ensure that time and care aren’t wasted. Rain One makes it easy with yearly lawn sprinkler maintenance and service memberships, which provide you with exclusive discounts, advance seasonal scheduling, regular system adjustments, and more.

  • How Often Should Components Be Replaced?

Sprinkler heads: Every 5-7 years
Valves: Every 8-10 years
Rain sensor (which shuts the system down during rain): Every 5 years
Controller: Every 10-15 years

  • Benefits

You deserve professional water sprinkler repair and maintenance in Columbus that is done right the first time. That’s the cornerstone of Rain One’s All Smiles Guarantee — We’re not all smiles until you’re all smiles. Since 1991, we’ve proudly guaranteed all of our services and labor, in addition to manufacturer warranties covering the equipment we install.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you diagnose issues, leaks or broken pipes in existing systems?

We start at the source (whether water or electricity) and equip our technicians with the right tools to properly assess any leaking issues. Our team also follows Rain One’s standardized Order of Operations: Technicians start at the home itself, then work their way out to the sprinkler heads in the yard checking power, water, controller and backflow. 

Do you test and adjust spray patterns and watering rates for optimal coverage?

Yes, we confirm watering coverage during our maintenance visits. If we find issues, our technicians will make changes as needed and recommend zone adjustments or custom nozzle solutions to match the hardware and water pressure with your plant material and ensure optimal watering.

How do you identify and fix clogs or stuck rotor heads?

We confirm proper operation and adjustment of each head during our maintenance visits.

Can you detect underground leaks without extensive digging?

A pressure test allows us to check the pressure on the system to establish whether a leak exists. If the system holds pressure, no leak exists; if it does not, there is a compromise in the system. 

Do you replace broken drip lines, or repair them?

Depending on the application, our team utilizes proper parts meant for the repair of the line we are working on — never shortcuts — to ensure reliability.