Proven Drainage Solutions

Let Rain One fix your yard drainage issues in Columbus with proven solutions. As the area’s most experienced landscape drainage contractor, we implement permanent solutions that are carefully tailored to your specific site. Our goal is to capture excess water, move it away from your home and then disperse it in a safe manner.

Failure to fix drainage problems now can result in significant repair costs and other property damage. Poor yard drainage can result in:

  • Water damage to structures, wood-decaying fungus, wood rot
  • Significant yard and landscape damage
  • Settling or cracking of concrete slabs or walls
  • Basement or crawl space flooding & more
  • Mosquitos, termites or carpenter ants attracted by moisture

If you have any of these common drainage problems, contact our Columbus yard drainage experts today.

Downspout Drainage Problems

Rain gutters collect water falling over the entire roof and deposit it at concentrated downspout locations. If downspouts are clogged, this water can cause damage when it contacts basement walls, crawl spaces, or other structural elements. We can clear and connect appropriate drainage system attachments to move this water safely away from your home.

Puddles, Low Spots or Other Yard Drainage Issues

Muddy areas in your yard or landscape limit the use of your green spaces, cause plant death, encourage mosquitos, and can cause a mess in your home. French drains and drainage catch basics capture and collect this water to keep your landscape beautiful and usable.

Runoff from Slopes or Adjacent Properties

Drainage problems can occur when neighbors direct their drainage water to your lower-lying property. While neighbors often cannot be held responsible for natural drainage, we can install a landscape drainage system to collect and pipe this water away before it causes problem to your landscape or home. We can install drains that collect and disperse the excess water.

Drainage Installation

Drainage installation by Rain One is aimed at effectively managing and directing water flow to prevent water damage and soil erosion on your property. Our skilled team assesses your landscape to design a customized drainage solution that addresses specific issues like poor soil drainage, water pooling, downspout drainage, and foundation water damage. We employ advanced techniques and high-quality materials to ensure robust and long-lasting drainage systems, whether it’s French drains, channel drains, or catch basins. Our commitment to quality ensures that your property remains dry and healthy, safeguarding your landscape investment and enhancing the overall usability of your outdoor space.

Drainage Service

Rain One provides expert drainage services including camera inspections for accurate diagnostics, high-pressure jetting, downspout reconnections, drain pipe repairs, and sump pump service/sump pump replacement. Our innovative gutter cleaning service offers efficient gutter cleaning from the ground. These essential services ensure your property’s drainage system functions optimally.

  • Camera Work

Our drainage camera offers a precise and non-invasive method to inspect and diagnose your property’s drainage system. Utilizing advanced camera technology, we quickly identify blockages, damage, or wear in pipes without the need for extensive digging.

  • Jetting

Rain One’s jetting services provide a powerful and effective solution for cleaning and maintaining your drainage systems. Using high-pressure water jets, we efficiently clear blockages, debris, and buildup in pipes & drains, restoring optimal flow solving many immediate drainage issues and preventing many future problems.

  • Sump Pump Work

We provide sump pump service and replacement, ensuring this vital system functions correctly to protect your property from water damage. Our focus on reliable sump pump performance is key to safeguarding your home against flooding and water-related complications.

  • Gutter Cleaning (Coming Soon)

Rain One now offers gutter cleaning, employing advanced technology to ensure thorough and efficient cleaning without the need for ladders. Regular gutter cleaning by our skilled team is key to preventing water damage and maintaining the integrity of your property’s gutter and drainage systems

What You Need to Know About Yard Drainage with Rain One

  • Our team offers full drainage solutions, from moving water away from the foundation, to handling downspouts, installing French drains, and more. We’re your one-stop shop for drainage issues.
  • Poor grading is the #1 cause of drainage issues. Neighbors’ changes like adding a pool can also impact drainage. Clogged or disconnected downspouts are common issues we can address as well.
  • We use cameras to diagnose issues underground and have jetters that can help unclog pipes. Service calls typically involve clearing clogs with the jetter or reconnecting downspouts.
  • Full installations often require replacing collapsed or broken drainage pipes.
  • Unlike many other drainage companies, we know how to minimize damage to your landscaping we’re doing our work. We’ll leave your yard just as we found it.
    • We are also equipped to fix any irrigation systems damaged during drainage work from another company.
  • Quotes are provided within 24 hours, and work is usually scheduled within 1-2 weeks. Installs typically take 1-2 visits – First, we assess the issue and then we can fix it in a day.
  • Annual or biannual jetting is recommended for maintenance.