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Let Rain One correct your landscape and exterior drainage problems with proven solutions.   As the area’s most experienced landscape drainage contractor, we implement permanent solutions that are carefully tailored to your specific site. Our goal is to capture excess water, move it away from your home and then disperse it in a safe manner.

Failure to fix drainage problems now can result in significant repair costs and other property damage. Poor yard drainage can result in:

Water damage to structures, wood-decaying fungus, wood rot

Water damage to structures, wood-decaying fungus, wood rot

Termites or carpenter ants attracted by wet wood

Settling or cracking of concrete slabs or walls

Basement or crawl space flooding

Do you have any of these common drainage problems?

Downspout Drainage Problems

Rain gutters collect water falling over the entire roof and deposit it at concentrated downspout locations.   This water can cause damage when it contacts basement walls, crawl spaces or other structural elements. We can install appropriate drainage system catchments to move this water away from your house.

Puddles, Low Spots or Other Yard Drainage Issues

Muddy areas in the landscape cause plant death, the tracking of debris into your home and can potentially encourage mosquito growth. French drains or drainage basins can capture and collect this water to create your whole landscape beautiful and usable.

Runoff from Slopes or Adjacent Properties

Water flows to the lowest areas. Drainage problems can occur when neighbors direct their drainage water to your lower-lying property.   While neighbors often cannot be held responsible for natural drainage, we can install a landscape drainage system to collect and pipe this water away before it causes problem to your landscape or home.   We can install interceptor drains that collect and disperse the excess water.